Monday, November 28, 2011


After spending two amazing years in Australia at Dr. D Studios ( may it RIP ), I returned to LA a few months ago to join Walt Disney Animation Studios!  I have joined the incredibly talented team as a Character Modeler for the upcoming film Wreck-It-Ralph.  I am very excited about the film, it is looking to be a great surprise from the Disney name.

In other news, the product of my time at Dr. D was just released into theaters, Happy Feet Two.  This was probably the best project I've ever been a part of, and I was very fortunate to share it with such an awesome and fun team at Dr. D Studios.

And lastly, a character model I started long ago that ended up being shelved in favor of my face rig.  I might do something with her when I find the motivation soon.


Anonymous said...

Awesome clay! good to hear your at disney and good to see an update! Im looking forward to seeing this models progress'.

David Richardson said...

Congrats! just passing by to see your updates! I always enjoy looking at your models.

Pedro Conti said...

Amazing... u deserve it.. i'm a big fan of your work!
All the best

Deocliciano said...

Well deserved!
Talent abounds!

Moragot Bodharamik said...

I haven't checked in to your blog in a while, and wow, a BIG congratulations to you! I've always enjoyed looking at your personal work. Now you're living my dream job!

Clay said...

Thanks man :D But not so fast.. I'm in your woods now! Just started this week

Johan Arzuza said...

Great models here. Nice to meet you.
JOhan Arzuza